Technological Advantages Of Making A Chat App In Firebase?

After a lot of digging, I finally realized how easily you can make a ChatApp in Firebase with full-fledged functionality.

Here are Some Advantages that make Firebase the Best Platform for Building a Chat App

  1. Firebase is not bound to a set of protocols like similar other technologies. This gives the developer a whole lot of freedom to define the structure of the database as per messaging information. In other words, you can decide what should be a part of your database and whatnot.
  2. It is very convenient and quick to develop a ChatApp using Firebase. You can get your app up and running with minimal procedures.
  3. The technology framework of Firebase includes WebSocket and real-time database management through MongoDB. These powerful tools provide complete control of the database. Plus, you get the added advantage of integrating the app with other Google suite applications for monitoring the performance or hosting on the cloud.
  4. You can add as many features to your app as required without hindering the current functionality. Further, you can quickly test your code and see the results in real-time. It is very convenient to update the code in Firebase without stopping the application for updates.
  5. The applications developed using Firebase support high-end security through SSL encryption. You can also custom-define new security rules to further secure against database manipulation using the NoSQL Firebase database.
  6. Firebase supports cloud messaging service which allows you to send a message to any device connected to the server. This capability further allows you to send targeted messages to specific subscribers. You can also send custom notifications to your chat clients without any code jargon.
  7. Firebase supports a multi-platform authentication system that allows your clients to sign-in from any device without compromising the security.
  8. The advanced ML-Kit of Firebase contains various APIs to support custom coding for no network connection. In other words, you can integrate your own custom model based on Machine Learning for your ChatApp.

If you compare Firebase with other high-end technologies like XMPP, you may not see all the bells and whistles or similar high-flying features. But again, if you are looking for something less complicated and more flexible for building your ChatApp that ensures the easy exchange of information in real-time, Firebase is a perfect choice. Hey, do not miss out to improve and prioritize your ChatApp for stability issues using Firebase Crashlytics.

How To Implement End-to-End Encryption For A Chat Application

Text messaging has evolved over the years with the advent of data-based messaging. iPhone users were acquainted with the iMessage technology ahead of time which used the data to send messages between Apple devices. The SMS messaging uses archaic 2G network which is outdated & isn’t encrypted, allowing contents to be easily viewed by mobile carriers & Government.

However, you can always secure a messaging app using end-to-end encryption. In simple words, is the communication between the two clients is encrypted, therefore the server can never read or modify the conversation data. The end-to-end encryption protects the contents of users’ messages from everyone except the intended user, therefore ensuring only the recipient reads the message.

Popular Chat App WhatsApp introduced the end-to-end encryption feature back in 2016 for its users. WhatsApp collects metadata from users, implying it will not have access to messages but can understand where you call & whom you text to. By using encryption developers use a unique algorithm to scramble data so that even if communication is intercepted or someone attempts to steal your message, its content cannot be read.

End-to-end Encryption ensures your Message remains Encrypted while Traveling over:

  • Wi-Fi & the internet
  • In the database
  • Other servers to your chat partner’s mobile device
  • Cloud data center’s web-servers and backend servers

To encrypt the data the encryption keys are used in end-to-end encryption. The key exchange session is the way both sides of the communication path coordinate with the use of the same encryption keys.

End-to-end Encryption Works on Two Methods or Algorithms:

  1. Symmetric Encryption:- In this traditional form of encryption, an encryption key/password is used for both encryption & decryption of the message. The same key locks & unlocks the data, so the sender needs to share the key with the recipient through another secure channel.
  2. Asymmetric Encryption:- In this form, two encryption keys are being used. One that encrypts the data (pubic key) & the other that decrypts it (private key). The public key can be easily shared with anyone on the web, but the private key exists only on the device that has generated the keys. Eg: OTR, PGP, PFS.

Apart from securing your apps, it’s essential to keep your apps updated so that you have the latest security fix. This too can help to lower the risk of any message being intercepted or stolen.