Technological Advantages Of Making A Chat App In Firebase?

After a lot of digging, I finally realized how easily you can make a ChatApp in Firebase with full-fledged functionality.

Here are Some Advantages that make Firebase the Best Platform for Building a Chat App

  1. Firebase is not bound to a set of protocols like similar other technologies. This gives the developer a whole lot of freedom to define the structure of the database as per messaging information. In other words, you can decide what should be a part of your database and whatnot.
  2. It is very convenient and quick to develop a ChatApp using Firebase. You can get your app up and running with minimal procedures.
  3. The technology framework of Firebase includes WebSocket and real-time database management through MongoDB. These powerful tools provide complete control of the database. Plus, you get the added advantage of integrating the app with other Google suite applications for monitoring the performance or hosting on the cloud.
  4. You can add as many features to your app as required without hindering the current functionality. Further, you can quickly test your code and see the results in real-time. It is very convenient to update the code in Firebase without stopping the application for updates.
  5. The applications developed using Firebase support high-end security through SSL encryption. You can also custom-define new security rules to further secure against database manipulation using the NoSQL Firebase database.
  6. Firebase supports cloud messaging service which allows you to send a message to any device connected to the server. This capability further allows you to send targeted messages to specific subscribers. You can also send custom notifications to your chat clients without any code jargon.
  7. Firebase supports a multi-platform authentication system that allows your clients to sign-in from any device without compromising the security.
  8. The advanced ML-Kit of Firebase contains various APIs to support custom coding for no network connection. In other words, you can integrate your own custom model based on Machine Learning for your ChatApp.

If you compare Firebase with other high-end technologies like XMPP, you may not see all the bells and whistles or similar high-flying features. But again, if you are looking for something less complicated and more flexible for building your ChatApp that ensures the easy exchange of information in real-time, Firebase is a perfect choice. Hey, do not miss out to improve and prioritize your ChatApp for stability issues using Firebase Crashlytics.

How To Implement End-to-End Encryption For A Chat Application

Text messaging has evolved over the years with the advent of data-based messaging. iPhone users were acquainted with the iMessage technology ahead of time which used the data to send messages between Apple devices. The SMS messaging uses archaic 2G network which is outdated & isn’t encrypted, allowing contents to be easily viewed by mobile carriers & Government.

However, you can always secure a messaging app using end-to-end encryption. In simple words, is the communication between the two clients is encrypted, therefore the server can never read or modify the conversation data. The end-to-end encryption protects the contents of users’ messages from everyone except the intended user, therefore ensuring only the recipient reads the message.

Popular Chat App WhatsApp introduced the end-to-end encryption feature back in 2016 for its users. WhatsApp collects metadata from users, implying it will not have access to messages but can understand where you call & whom you text to. By using encryption developers use a unique algorithm to scramble data so that even if communication is intercepted or someone attempts to steal your message, its content cannot be read.

End-to-end Encryption ensures your Message remains Encrypted while Traveling over:

  • Wi-Fi & the internet
  • In the database
  • Other servers to your chat partner’s mobile device
  • Cloud data center’s web-servers and backend servers

To encrypt the data the encryption keys are used in end-to-end encryption. The key exchange session is the way both sides of the communication path coordinate with the use of the same encryption keys.

End-to-end Encryption Works on Two Methods or Algorithms:

  1. Symmetric Encryption:- In this traditional form of encryption, an encryption key/password is used for both encryption & decryption of the message. The same key locks & unlocks the data, so the sender needs to share the key with the recipient through another secure channel.
  2. Asymmetric Encryption:- In this form, two encryption keys are being used. One that encrypts the data (pubic key) & the other that decrypts it (private key). The public key can be easily shared with anyone on the web, but the private key exists only on the device that has generated the keys. Eg: OTR, PGP, PFS.

Apart from securing your apps, it’s essential to keep your apps updated so that you have the latest security fix. This too can help to lower the risk of any message being intercepted or stolen.

Clover, Clover Dating App

Clover Dating App – A Go-to App In The Sphere of Online Dating

Are you looking for an app that has features of Tinder & Algorithm of your search ends with the “Clover Dating App”. It brings the best of both worlds together. Clover was launched in 2014 by Isaac Raichyk. Clove currently has a userbase of 3 million. With the help of geolocation, Clover lets you see the singles near your area.

Clover is the right platform to find people to find like-minded people you can chat with, make new friends, date them, or take things further. Just state any of these intentions and you can go ahead. Creating a profile on Clover is very simple. A working email address & Facebook account is all you need. You need to provide basic details, however, it’s not mandatory. Clover app is available on iOS & Android for free.

Is It Easy To Find A Date On Clover?

Unlike other apps, Clover profiles are not swiped left or right. You have to click on the three options below any profile. You can either play 20 questions with the user, request for a date by a suggested time & place, or recommend the user to your friends. If this doesn’t help you can use a feature of on-demand dating. It guarantees to find a perfect match for you.

What Do Users Like about Clover Dating App?

As a dating app, Clover is rising above the rest with its unique features while maintaining the simplicity of the app. With a tidy & modern look, easy functions, intuitive features Clover app has all things pleasing to the eyes.

Take A Look At Some Of The Unique Features Of The Clover Dating App

1. Dating on tap with on-demand dating

Indeed, the most talked about feature of the Clover dating app is “On-Demand Date”. With this feature, you can browse the profiles of users who have turned on this option. You just need to choose between “I’m interested” if you like the user or “No thanks” to pass on. You can suggest a time or place if you’re interested. Just a confirmation from the other user & there you go.

2. Join various chatrooms & plan an event

The chatrooms of clover are called ‘Mixers”. You can join in a chatroom like “Serious Relationships only”, “Healthy Lifestyle”, “Fitness Singles” and many more. You can join any of them for free & invite other users once in a mixer. Most of the popular mixers have members above 50,000. You can create your mixer on any specific or creative topic & invite other users or plan an event.

3. Show your personality traits by answering 20 questions

To know the compatibility with your match, Clover brings up “20 questions”. You are presented with two cards with contrasting traits. Select the one which applies to you. Your answers can be seen by others & you can see the answers of other users as well. Playing 20 questions is optional, but it is a fun way to glimpse of the personality of another person.

Overall, the clover dating app is a cool option for those who wish to set up a date quickly & easily. The only downside is the price for a premium subscription, which is relatively high compared to others.

Chappy, Chappy Dating App

Chappy – A Happy Space for Men in the World of Online Dating

Chappy is an informal word for a chap or fellow. Chappy is a dating app specially designed catering to the needs of single men to help them find meaningful connections whether it be a fun night or a lifetime. Founded in 2016, by Ollie Locke & Jack Rogers, Chappy gained immense popularity within a short period.

Chappy is backed by Bumble, nicknamed as “Bumble’s little brother”. Currently Chappy has merged with Bumble with a broader vision of creating a space for healthy and safe connections for the same gender people. Chapple provided an inclusive, respectful network for men to form meaningful connections.

Chappy strives to be the ultimate digital destination for males looking for partners of the same gender. Chappy strictly monitors the profiles so that there are least chances of coming across unsolicited photos. Chappy is available only as a mobile app on the Apple store.

What Makes Chappy The Cutest Dating App Among Men?

For Chappy, what matters the most is sparking a conversation that can lead to meaningful connections in people’s lives, rather than the swipes & matches. Chappy aims to change the way males with a liking for the same gender form connections, be it romantically, socially, or professionally.

Take A Look At Some Of The Winning Features of Chappy

Register yourself in a single-click

Signing up for an account is only possible with your Facebook account. The app syncs the basic information & photos from your Facebook profile & displays them on your Chappy profile. Your current Facebook photo will be your current Chappy photo. You can replace the photo but cannot leave the profile picture blank.

Easy to set the preference on Chappy Scale

Chappy’s most distinctive feature is the “Chappy Scale”. You can set your preferences based on your intentions. Whether you are looking for a relationship, hook-up, or somewhere in between, you can set your profile accordingly. Based on your location, Chappy displays a list of matches available nearest to you.

Sleek design & on-the-go accessibility

The Chappy app is designed to provide a convenient and pleasant user experience. All the app’s features are easily accessible with a single tap. You can get notified easily when the match has mutually liked. With responsive customer support, you can easily contact the support team regarding any issue.

Enhanced dating experience for those who feel undeserved

Most people have a notion that dating apps are just for casual hook-ups or flings. However, Chappy has changed the scenario for men’s dating. With existing apps being more intimidating & unsafe, Chappy revealed that most of the men look up for romantic relationships in the same gender, rather than casual dates.

Expand your social circle by making new friends

Making new friends takes time, especially when you are new to a city. Chappy has launched a new feature called “friend mode”, wherein you can connect with other males in the town, and make new friends. Users must mutually swipe right, to initiate a chat. Forming a supportive relationship is easy now with friend mode.

The usability & features of Chappy are completely free without any hidden cost. Chappy is a precise app for men that allows them to find exactly what they’ve been looking for in their potential male partner.

eHarmony, eHarmony Dating App

eHarmony – Your Ultimate Online Destination to Find True Love

Technology plays a big role these days in bringing together people who you may have never known existed. If you are looking for a serious match, with the aim of getting married or a long-term relationship, eharmony will help find you the love of your life on its site. eharmony was founded in 2000 by a clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren with an aim of helping people find better ways to find love.

eharmony uses a special compatibility system to narrow down the searches to a handful number of best potential matches. In 2013, eharmony topped among the dating sites in creating marriages around 4% of the marriages in the U.S. If you’ve had bad experiences in online dating previously, eharmony guarantees to find people with good intentions.

eharmony has the reputation of being a trusted site. The app can be easily downloaded on Android & iOS devices. Will it help you find the love of your life? let’s find out more about eharmony.

Quality Profiles With Minute Details

While it’s easy to sign-up for eharmony, it’s the registration process demands extra time from you. The app makes sure to gather all the important information form the user before allowing you to browse. You will need to take personality quizzes, compatibility tests, or situational questions apart from the basic information. The more detailed the profile, the higher chances of finding a perfect match.

Spark A Conversation With A Question

You can make contact with your match by asking automated questions. The free users can send a message to five favorite people & premium users can send messages freely. However, you cannot search or browse any profile by yourself. You can only select from the matches available nearest to you.

Unique Matching Algorithm With Personalized User Experience

The unmatched technology of eharmony focuses on helping singles find meaningful connections using a complex algorithm. The success of the platform depends on the amount of information provided by you. It shapes itself according to your needs, providing the matches accordingly.

Send Smileys To Your Crush

Initiating a conversation can be quite tricky. Making contact through emoji is quite fun. Once you are provided with a suggested match list, you can send wink or smile emoticon to the user you are crushing upon without having to say. You can also add people to your favorite list.

Talk To Your Match Anonymously

Another feature of eharmony is ‘secure call”. This feature allows users to make a private call with the match. You can easily have a one-to-one conversation without revealing your actual number. This feature is available for a landline as well as mobile phones

Is eHarmony Worth A Try?

eharmony offers all the perks for the users to help find a timeless match. As a free member, you have access to limited features. The fun begins when you subscribe to any of the plans suiting your needs. Your efforts & money won’t go in vain as you have higher chances of finding your true love. If you don’t find a match, eharmony gives you extended membership of 3 months which assures you the app won’t rest unless it finds your true love.

OkCupid, OkCupid Dating App

What makes OkCupid so popular dating app? Check the facts!

Like its name, OkCupid surely plays the role of a modern-day cupid, helping people find their best potential match across the globe. One of the most recognized dating apps in the world, OkCupid is more than swiping right or left. OkCupid shows the real you beyond the photo. Sharing your thoughts & interests makes it easier to connect you with like-minded people.

What makes OkCupid a good dating app?

The primary motto of OkCupid is to help you in finding meaningful connections irrespective of how you look & what you do. With a vast gender diversity & 50 million registered users, let this platform bring happiness in your life.
OkCupid offers almost all the features free of any cost. Here’s what OKC app offers-

  1. Match suggestions based on personality compatibility:- After signing up for the OkCupid app, you are required to fill in a questionnaire based on your likes, dislikes, hobbies, personality & habits. This helps OkCupid’s unique search algorithm to filter out & connect you with most compatible members. The users of the OkCupid app get immediate match suggestions after registering.
  2. You can view the detailed profile without paying:- While most of the dating apps charge for viewing the profiles of other members, with OkCupid you can easily view the detailed profile of any member without paying any charges. The personality trait test determines the compatibility between you & the potential member. It is indicated by a percentage level below the profile along with other suggestions.
  3. Simple user-interface with a proactive support team:- OkCupid app brings about constant updates in its app with additional features & excellent user-interface just like the website. All the features of the app can be found in tabs at the bottom of the screen. You can scroll down & see the complete profile of any member. OkCupid also offers excellent support when if ever you encounter a fake profile or if someone sends rude messages. You can contact the support team & get them blocked forever.
  4. Create a list of your favorite people with Double-take:- The Double Take features allow you to like the profile of any member on the OkCupid app. When the other person likes your profile, it’s called a double-take. OkCupid will let you both know for free & you can take ahead things by initiating a conversation. Users reveal that the double-take feature works better on mobile compared to the website.
  5. Making contact is a lot easier:- To cut down the frequency of unsolicited messages, OkCupid brought about a change in its messaging system instead of freely sending messages to anyone. You can still freely send messages to any user, but the user will only receive your message once they like your profile. This helps in toning down the inappropriate users.

Should you settle for the OkCupid app?

OkCupid app has the best to offers its users. With almost all the features for free, you can start dating in a go. If you wish to see who viewed your profile or highlight your profile, you can pay a nominal fee & enjoy the maximum benefits of the app.

HER, Dating App, HER Dating App

HER Dating App- Let Women Search For Female Partners

Are you looking for a beautiful woman as one of the women? You may have a goal of growing a relationship with your female partner. Then, HER is the best dating app big community where you can find a big community of women with a similar mindset. Chat with your match, arrange a date, and make a long-term relationship.

The dating app, HER, will take your conversation to a different level. The free platform does not restrict your usage of the app. Thus, you can now download the app on your mobile (Android and iOS).

How To Use HER Dating App

It is easy to navigate through the interface of the HER app. After downloading the app, you need to use your Instagram or Facebook account, and it will automatically help you to carry over your social media photos to the HER app dashboard. Within a short time of creating your profile, you will get Likes.

HER presents you with a community, where you can talk about different topics, including Recipes, Color, NSFW, Entertainment, and Sports. To use lots of features of the HER app, you can pay for subscription packages.

As you are looking through others’ profiles, you can find their names, height, age, gender, photos, and relationship status. In the gender section, there are different categories, including non-binary, female, FTM, and two-spirit. Friends list of every user remains viewable to others. We think that it is better to upload at least 8 photos to let others know about your look.

How Does The HER App Work?

HER is slightly different from other apps in the way how it works. The app displays the profile of one match at a time. Both you and your match can click on the Like button. HER is one of the unique apps for women looking for the same gender for a relationship.

The online chat through this app helps these women to grow physical intimacy. Women can engage them in a group chat and read others’ posts. They will instantly get notifications while other users have made comments.

Notable Features Of The Dating App

One of the most important features of the HER app is Meet. You will find a number of profiles based on your distance and age preferences. You may dismiss or like those profiles. Another option, known as Feed, helps you in enjoying real-time interaction with other members. You can post events in the Feed. These events can range from comedy to concerts. Thus, you will get a chance of socializing with other women.

Is The HER App Safe For Women?

Queer women have found this app as the best place to find their partner. Most of the app users look for partners or new friends. However, you have to be conscious of things that cause discomfort. A genuine user much respects your preferences and desire. Although there are verified profiles in this dating app, you need to check out the authenticity of the person.

Grindr, Dating App

Grindr- The Best Dating App to Find a Local and Global Partner

Dating apps and hookup apps have drawn the attention of lots of men and women in this world. When you are looking for the best dating app for social networking with the same genders, you may choose Grindr. Instead of the swipe-left-swipe-right feature, Grindr presents you with a detailed interface. After logging in to the app, you can find a number of profiles, presented in a grid format. Available in more than 150 countries, Grindr is now successful in the dating app industry.

Grindr- How Does The Dating App Work?

Grindr app users need to go through a few steps for the signup process. As you have entered your email address, age, and username, the app asks you to set your preferences. It also gives you space for writing about yourself. The app focuses on geo-targeting technology to find your matches. Moreover, it enables you to see the online and offline status of other users. Thus, you can look for matches in your locality and their full personal information. The basic account at Grindr is free for you. However, you can buy a premium membership.

How Should You Use Grindr App?

It is easy to use Grindr to search for the best dating partner in your life. While browsing through profiles, you can click on the star icon and save them as favorites. You can then find yellow dots in those profiles.

There is an orange toolbar with 5 icons displayed on it to indicate a range of functions. You can find a mask icon that helps you in editing and viewing your profile. You may modify your preferences and pay for premium Grindr Xtra service.
To start a chat, you have to click on the speech bubble, and while a match has sent you a message, this icon turns out to be a number. Another icon with rectangles presents you with filter options.

Features That Make Grindr Unique

  • LGBTQ-themed, customized Gaymojis add fun to your online chat at Grindr.
  • You can find more than 500 Gaymojis that not present in other social media apps. It is now easy for you to make your conversation more interactive.
  • Another notable feature is the flame icon, and by clicking on this icon, you can inform a person that you are interested in him.
  • You can go to the premium version with Grindr Xtra.
  • You will find an increasing number of matches in your locality.
  • Moreover, there is also an option of looking for guys in other countries.

Is Grindr Available For Transgender?

Grindr is primarily an app for men who search for the same gender. However, later, it has started inviting users of different genders. In the gender category, you can find several options, including a trans woman, cis man, queer, trans man, cis woman, crossdresser, and non-binary.

Does Grindr Ensure Security?

You may feel that that the app can disclose your location. However, Grindr has a privacy policy to protect your data. You will also get an option of reporting against a user about his suspicious activity.