Chappy – A Happy Space for Men in the World of Online Dating

Chappy is an informal word for a chap or fellow. Chappy is a dating app specially designed catering to the needs of single men to help them find meaningful connections whether it be a fun night or a lifetime. Founded in 2016, by Ollie Locke & Jack Rogers, Chappy gained immense popularity within a short period.

Chappy is backed by Bumble, nicknamed as “Bumble’s little brother”. Currently Chappy has merged with Bumble with a broader vision of creating a space for healthy and safe connections for the same gender people. Chapple provided an inclusive, respectful network for men to form meaningful connections.

Chappy strives to be the ultimate digital destination for males looking for partners of the same gender. Chappy strictly monitors the profiles so that there are least chances of coming across unsolicited photos. Chappy is available only as a mobile app on the Apple store.

What Makes Chappy The Cutest Dating App Among Men?

For Chappy, what matters the most is sparking a conversation that can lead to meaningful connections in people’s lives, rather than the swipes & matches. Chappy aims to change the way males with a liking for the same gender form connections, be it romantically, socially, or professionally.

Take A Look At Some Of The Winning Features of Chappy

Register yourself in a single-click

Signing up for an account is only possible with your Facebook account. The app syncs the basic information & photos from your Facebook profile & displays them on your Chappy profile. Your current Facebook photo will be your current Chappy photo. You can replace the photo but cannot leave the profile picture blank.

Easy to set the preference on Chappy Scale

Chappy’s most distinctive feature is the “Chappy Scale”. You can set your preferences based on your intentions. Whether you are looking for a relationship, hook-up, or somewhere in between, you can set your profile accordingly. Based on your location, Chappy displays a list of matches available nearest to you.

Sleek design & on-the-go accessibility

The Chappy app is designed to provide a convenient and pleasant user experience. All the app’s features are easily accessible with a single tap. You can get notified easily when the match has mutually liked. With responsive customer support, you can easily contact the support team regarding any issue.

Enhanced dating experience for those who feel undeserved

Most people have a notion that dating apps are just for casual hook-ups or flings. However, Chappy has changed the scenario for men’s dating. With existing apps being more intimidating & unsafe, Chappy revealed that most of the men look up for romantic relationships in the same gender, rather than casual dates.

Expand your social circle by making new friends

Making new friends takes time, especially when you are new to a city. Chappy has launched a new feature called “friend mode”, wherein you can connect with other males in the town, and make new friends. Users must mutually swipe right, to initiate a chat. Forming a supportive relationship is easy now with friend mode.

The usability & features of Chappy are completely free without any hidden cost. Chappy is a precise app for men that allows them to find exactly what they’ve been looking for in their potential male partner.

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